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    Philips Clue 02 Winner Speaks About DMZ: N38 ̊ Design Concept.

    发布时间:2016-04-06 22:29:07  来源:

    Philips Clue 02 first prize winner Yeonho Lee sheds light about his winning design in an exclusive interview with Philips Social Media Manager Monique Cousineau.
    What is the evocative power of a name? Just the mere mention of three letters – DMZ, brings haunting memories for millions of people around the globe. The name is also a place, “sacred” in the sense of what it represents. To conceive that this fence – illuminated – could represent the unification of two counties, is a belief worth holding. In this sense, “Lightius Loci” becomes “Hopeius Loci,” the place of hope.--Frederick Oberkircher, Jury member